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Privacy Statement, May 2018


MirTac Privacy Policy

MirTac BV, a company registered in the Netherlands with number 30196050 whose registered office is at Kerkstraat 13, 4273 CA, Hank, the Netherlands, along with its affiliates MirTac Holding BV and MirTac Software BV, understands the importance of protecting and safeguarding personal data. In this privacy statement we would like to explain to you how we process your personal data and how you can access and correct certain information that we may collect. We are committed to process your personal data with great care.

Any questions related to this Privacy Statement? Please contact us!
MirTac, email: info@MirTac.nl, tel: +31 162 406460



This privacy policy relates to the processing of personal information provided by customers, suppliers, partners, other business contacts, prospects and other individuals, data collected from visits to and the use of the website of MirTac BV, and details obtained via personal contact for the purpose of making our communications as relevant as possible.


Purpose of Processing Data
We process your personal data necessary for the performance of an agreement with you, e.g. to be able to send you a contract, invoice, payment, specific project information, requested support. We will only record information that is necessary to execute these tasks.

When you visit our website, we will ask you to allow cookies. If you allow the cookies, they are used to improve your ease of use. And we use the cookies for analysis of page visits (by country, city, length visit, popular pages, search words) for the sole purpose to improve our website. We use Statcounter, the data is kept for seven weeks and automatically deleted.

We maintain personal data of our other relations (prospects) in our CRM database, Maximizer, solely with your permission.


We only use your personal data in MirTac press releases or news items with your consent.

In MirTac’s E-Learning Centre, the CBT (Computer Based Training) platform for our customers, we conduct system admin tasks only. The ownership and processing of personal data and login administration is the responsibility of the customer. As system administrator we will only consult personal data to give requested user support.

For the Star Information Systems Software Products implemented at our customers, we refer to the document ‘SIS GDPR Whitepaper’, which can be downloaded in our Information section on our website. The personal data implemented in the software products are the responsibility of our customers. As system administrator we will only consult personal data in the database to give requested user support under the performance of an agreement.

When we host, develop software or develop bespoke reports we will consult personal data in the databases or delivered to us by the customers to deliver requested results under the performance of an agreement. We will not use, share or keep these data for other purposes.


What Personal Data do we process:
Company Name, First and Last Name contacts, Address Company, E-mail address contacts, Telephone number contacts, VAT Number (if VAT Reverse Charge)


Who will process personal data?
The data is received and processed by MirTac. The personal data is not made available to third parties for commercial purposes.

For Star Information Systems customers we make contact details available for the purpose of the contract.

We do not use online accounting or email software. However, personal data for accounting purposes and salary administration may be shared with our Accountant ABAB.

Our IT Partner, Venrooij ICT, has secured access to our network. Venrooij will only access employee personal data to improve or solve IT technical issues. Customer or other business contacts are not made available to Venrooij ICT and are adequately protected.


For personal data regarding our employees, please see HR Privacy Agreement, to be requested at info@MirTac.nl.

When applicable we conclude data processing agreements.


Information Security
MirTac has taken technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against accidental loss and unlawful forms of processing. We protect our information assets stored at our server and databases with measures such as back-ups and firewalls. Personal data is only accessible to employees whose duties require that they have access to the data and are used for the designated purposes. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a protocol designed to guarantee security of communication on the Internet and our website is secured with an SSL-certificate. We supply user names and passwords, if applicable, separately.


We will not retain personal data longer than necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was processed, including the security of our processing complying with legal, regulatory and customer obligations and for the establishments, exercise of defence of legal claims.

Do you receive our e-mailings? This data is recorded until you unsubscribe. Your data will be deleted accordingly.


Corrections, Updates and Acces to your Personal Data
You can send an email to info@MirTac.nl to review, delete or update your personal data. We are required to ask you for proof of indentity.
If you receive our e-mailings, you can unsubscribe via each emailing.


You have the right to object to Direct Marketing. Under GDPR you have the right to object to data processing on grounds relating to your specific situation. And you have the right to request to have your personal information deleted or restricted or ask for portability of your personal information.

Do you have a complaint about the way we process your personal data?

You have the right to lodge a complaint with MirTac via info@MirTac.nl. Or with the Data Protection Authorities in the European Union.


Questions to this Privacy Statement
MirTac reserves the right to change this policy at any time and without written notice to you. You are therefore recommended to check this privacy statement on a regular basis. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@MirTac.nl.


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