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SeaZip Offshore Service
SeaZip Offshore Service is a fully integrated ship owner and operator of modern and high spec offshore service vessels for the global renewable energy, oil and gas industry. SeaZip Offshore Service’s strategy is to be costumer focused and to deliver high quality and reliable services. SeaZip Offshore Service was founded in 2010 by J.R. Arends and S.D. Schakelaar, who are out-and-out shipping entrepreneurs with flawless records of service in the maritime industry. Together they form the management team of several maritime enterprises, including JR Shipping BV. SeaZip Offshore Service provides sophisticated service vessels and excellent ship management for fast and safe access to offshore sites. They specifically focus on devising smart solutions for the offshore wind industry.


The newly-constructed ‘Twin Axe’ catamaran ships will be deployed in the building, operation and maintenance of windfarms at sea. They distinguish themselves due to their speed and maximum seaworthiness which, combined with economical fuel consumption and a high degree of stability, enables them to sail in rough weather conditions too. While primarily built for the purpose of transporting personnel, the ships can also transport small quantities of freight. SeaZip Offshore Service is anticipating the trend of devising wind farms at locations far from the coast and at ever-greater depths.




SeaZip Offshore ServiceSeaZip Offshore ServiceSeaZip Offshore ServiceSeaZip Offshore Service

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